AEPMI (Asociación de Enfermos de Patologías Mitocondriales)

Asociación de Enfermos de Patologías Mitocondriales


We continue to believe new ideas to support patients and families and improve their quality of life.

About us

The association of mitochondrial disease patients is a nonprofit entity. Founded in 1999 as an initiative of two affected parents and three affected.
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Mitochondrial diseases are the result of failure in the functioning of mitochondria whose function is to generate energy to sustain life and development of organs and systems.
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In the contact section you can send your questions and suggestions.
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imagen de bienvenida Association of People with Mitochondrial pathology - AEPMI is an Association built by concerned, relatives and others who, from an altruist way, carry out the task of supporting and guiding people with this disease. Our technical team consists of two social workers and volunteers responsible of the broadcasting of the association, as well as different activities as they arise. AEPMI is a non-profit entity, registered in the National Partnerships Register with number 554,194, and registered in the Institutions, Services and Social Centers Register with the number of Registration AS.E/4024.

Asociación de Enfermos de Patologías Mitocondriales
C/ Manuel Tovar 3, entreplanta, 28034, Madrid
Tlfno.: 618789068
Correo e:
Estatutos de AEPMI

Asesor de enfermedades mitocondriales y
miembro del Comité Científico Asesor

Prof. Julio Montoya Villaroya
Departamento de Bioquimica y Biologia Molecular y Celular
Universidad de Zaragoza